This Regional 1 day in-person workshop held in Weslaco, TX covers a variety of topics. Please see the topics below for Day 2. If you are new to the practice of PSH, we suggest you attend both Days 1 & 2 which provides a comprehensive overview of PSH. Registration for Days 1 & 2 of this training is available. Do not register for Day 2 ONLY of the training if you are attending Days 1 & 2. 



This 1-day training events explores barriers to high-fidelity implementation; including supporting choice in both housing and services.  Attendance at Day 2 is appropriate for both new initiatives and experienced program staff.

Day 2 Topics

1.       Identify common barriers to implementation and strategies to address those barriers

2.       Describe the use of Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) and WRAP in supporting choice

3.       List at least two strategies for working with landlords

4.       Define reasonable accommodation as a tool for supporting housing choice