This workshop is Part 1 of Motivational Interviewing.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) focuses on exploring and resolving ambivalence and centers on motivational processes within the individual that facilitate change. This method differs from other externally-driven methods for motivating change as it does not impose changing, but rather supports change in a manner congruent with the person’s own values and concerns.

While this practice is not explicitly required in your performance contracts, the tools learned from this workshop help therapists and case managers in elevating therapeutic skills and helping clients attain recovery goals. We highly recommend this workshop for all therapists, case managers and supervisors. There are no prerequisites for this training. We will offer a 2nd installment of MI training focusing on continued skill attainment and coaching.  Special thanks to the Home and Community Based Services Program for sponsoring this training. 

Upon completion of the training you will be:

·         Familiar with the fundamental spirit and principles of MI

·         Aquainted with relevant evidence of efficacy

·         Directly experience the MI approach and contrast it with others