The Beck Community Initiative of the University of Pennsylvania offers a self-paced online CBT training course contains 12 modules and is estimated to take 15-18 hours to complete. The interactive course provides an introduction to CBT and in-depth didactics on the cognitive model, case conceptualization, session structure, cognitive interventions, behavioral interventions, working with core beliefs, problem solving, and stages of treatment, and other relevant CBT topics. 

You will also be asked to complete several questionnaires before and after the main modules to assess the quality of the course.

Certificates of completion and continuing education credits (22) from the American Psychological Association (APA) are offered to all who complete the training process.

This does meet the criteria for CBT certification. That is, it takes place of the in-person curriculum we have previously offered; however, all other requirements must be met for certification, including the competency tape recorded session.

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