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HCBS-AMH Recovery Management Entity and Provider Agency
Information & Overview


The Home and Community-Based Services – Adult Mental Health (HCBS-AMH) program is designed to augment support services for adults with serious mental illness and a history of long-term psychiatric hospitalization, frequent arrests, or frequent hospital emergency room utilization living in the community. A person-centered recovery approach to the delivery of services empowers individuals diagnosed with a serious mental illness to experience success living independently in the community.

HCBS-AMH delivers comprehensive support services to augment existing community-based services available to program participants. Individuals work with an interdisciplinary recovery team who support the person in their recovery. The “IDT” includes family members, community based service providers HCBS-AMH service providers, and an HCBS-AMH recovery management entity to develop and implement an individualized recovery plan specific to the person’s needs and goals.

HCBS- AMH services are provided through Provider Agencies and Recovery Management Entities. The Provider Agency is responsible for delivering all of the HCBS-AMH services in the individual’s recovery plan. Provider Agencies may subcontract with other providers for services that are not available within their service array. The Recovery Management Entity serves multiple roles to ensure the individual’s recovery plan is implemented including intensive recovery management, service coordination, linking to other community services, advocacy with the person and monitoring of the HCBS-AMH services.

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UT Health San Antonio Role

UT Health San Antonio, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Division of Community Recovery, Research and Training serves the HCBS-AMH project team at The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) in multiple support capacities. UT Health San Antonio provides referral and enrollment outreach and training, database development and data management, provision of required HCBS-AMH trainings through the development of eLearning modules, and a variety of technical assistance. UT Health San Antonio also conducts outreach to an array of HCBS-AMH stakeholders including LMHA/LBHAs, Provider Agencies and Recovery Management Entities in order to identify the needs of these groups related to HCBS-AMH, and provide technical support. We work with new and prospective Prover Agencies and Recovery Management Entities, providing guidance and technical support while they navigate the process of becoming new HCBS-AMH Provider Agencies and Recovery Management Entities. In conjunction with HHSC, UT Health San Antonio continues work to expand the availability of the HCBS-AMH program across the state of Texas.

Portions of this web-based content including the pre-application modules and testimonial videos was developed by UT-Austin Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health to provide general information and support the statewide implementation of the HCBS-AMH program.

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